Our Team

Adult Carers' Team

Alan Phizacklea, Benefits Advice Worker

Alan Phizacklea

Benefits Advice Worker

Email: alan.phizacklea@blackpoolcarers.org

I deal with benefit enquiries helping carers of all ages. I assist the carer and the person they care for, to access benefits to which they are entitled, to fully maximise their income. I  also assist families to challenge benefit decisions, including disallowance and sanctions through the reconsideration and appeal stages.

Alex Sweeney, Hand in Hand Family Support Worker

Alex Sweeney

Hand in Hand Family Support Worker

Email: alex.sweeney@blackpoolcarers.org

I work with families who have a child with additional needs and/or challenging behaviour. I offer both emotional and practical support to the carer and child. I deliver the Managing Challenging Behaviour Course where we offer support and strategies to parents in positively managing children’s behaviour and effecting change within the family environment. I also deliver Behaviour Workshops for children with disabilities and complex needs and Resilience Workshops for siblings.

Amanda Madden, Carers' Community Navigator (Dementia & Hospital Support Project)

Amanda Madden

Carers' Community Navigator (Dementia & Hospital Support Project)

Email: amanda.madden@blackpoolcarers.org

My role is to provide information and support for carers of people living with dementia or carers of patients who regularly attend hospital. I offer emotional and practical support in the form of peer and one to one support enabling carers to look after themselves and continue caring. I also support the Dementia Carers drop in; and the Friends and Family Support Group in partnership with Macmillan.

Andy Gunn, Young Carers Respite Coordinator

Andy Gunn

Young Carers Respite Coordinator

Email: andrew.gunn@blackpoolcarers.org

I am one half of the young carers team whose role is to deliver an exciting and engaging respite program through our youth clubs, trips and activities. We aim to provide a safe and fun environment for all, enabling individuals to build positive relationships with their peers and provide inspiring and memorable experiences.


Ann Hollis, Hand in Hand Project Administrator

Ann Hollis

Hand in Hand Project Administrator

Email: ann.hollis@blackpoolcarers.org

Along with general administration tasks, I help the team to plan respite activities for children and families.

Cara Smith


My role is to introduce the development of Social Impact Bonds, making funding for our projects more sustainable. Social Impact Bonds bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to solve challenges, by having a clear and relentless focus upon delivering social outcomes.

Carla Talbott, Carers' Community Navigator (Mental Health)

Carla Talbott

Carers' Community Navigator (Mental Health)

Email: carla.talbott@blackpoolcarers.org

My role is to provide information and support for carers of people with a mental illness. I offer emotional and practical support in the form of peer and one to one support enabling carers to look after themselves and continue caring.

Claire Law, Carers’ Community Navigator

Claire Law

Carers’ Community Navigator

Email: claire.law@blackpoolcarers.org

As Carers’ Community Navigator, I support adult carers by working in partnership with community hubs across Blackpool. I offer advice, deliver support groups and training courses to carers and their families.

Domonic Chadwick, Young Adult Carers' Support Worker

Domonic Chadwick

Young Adult Carers' Support Worker

Email: dom.chadwick@blackpoolcarers.org

I work with young adult carers aged 16 – 25. I support young adult carers around employment, training and education. I also arrange age appropriate respite sessions including trips and activities away from the centre. As part of my role, I am a leader for the Duke of Edinburgh programme.

Duncan Campbell, Hand in Hand Family Support Worker

Duncan Campbell

Hand in Hand Family Support Worker

Email: duncan.campbell@blackpoolcarers.org

I support parents who are caring for children up to the age of 25 who have disabilities and complex needs. We offer support to the whole family and deliver courses, groups, trips and activities to promote family time, coping strategies and peer support.

Faye Atherton, Head of Services

Faye Atherton

Head of Services

Email: faye.atherton@blackpoolcarers.org

I oversee all services within the Centre and write funding applications to continue to expand our work and positive impact on carers. I also look after our lovely building and lead on health and safety.

Hannah Fletcher, Hand in Hand Lead

Hannah Fletcher

Hand in Hand Lead

Email: hannah.fletcher@blackpoolcarers.org

I manage the Hand in Hand project supporting parents who have a child with a disability or complex needs and the Work Experience project. I am also the Student Co-ordinator, responsible for managing a variety of students, ensuring that they have a valuable learning experience when on placement with us.

Helen Hay, Work Experience Coordinator (Learning Disability)

Helen Hay

Work Experience Coordinator (Learning Disability)

Email: helen.hay@blackpoolcarers.org

I work with 16-19 year old students with learning difficulties and disabilities and co-ordinate their work experience placements. I assess each student’s strengths, abilities and aspirations and source suitable placements within local businesses which helps to develop their skills, confidence and awareness of work opportunities available.

Helena Brown, Connect 5 Trainer

Helena Brown

Connect 5 Trainer

Email: helena.brown@blackpoolcarers.org

I am responsible for delivering Connect 5 training to health care professionals. This training is designed to equip workers to have meaningful conversations around mental health and wellbeing with their patients. It provides a range of tools to help people manage stress and distress and increase resilience and mental wellbeing through positive change.

Julie Filer, Hospital and Dementia Navigator

Julie Filer

Hospital and Dementia Navigator

Email: julie.filer@blackpoolcarers.org

My role is to support carers, and wider family of loved ones with dementia across Blackpool. I also support carers of loved ones who are in hospital. This includes practical and emotional support, signposting and referring to appropriate services when needed. I support the Carer’s Centre Bereavement Group and the Friends and Family Support Group in partnership with Macmillan.

Julie Holland, Service Administrator

Julie Holland

Service Administrator

Email: julie.holland@blackpoolcarers.org

I provide administrative support for the Adult Carers’ Team and I am the first point of contact for referrals and enquiries. I also provide HR administration support for the wider organisation and undertake other general administration duties.

Julie Swift, Charity Administrator

Julie Swift

Charity Administrator

Email: julie.swift@blackpoolcarers.org

I have an extremely varied role within the administration team including accounts and payroll.  I also take bookings for respite activities and will probably be the first person you speak to when you call!

Kay Soper, Support Services Manager

Kay Soper

Support Services Manager

Email: kay.soper@blackpoolcarers.org

I help to raise awareness of the charity by creating all of our promotional material including Caring Times magazine, leaflets and posters for each service. I also manage our website and database, coordinate IT support and organise fundraising events including Cash Quest for Carers and our annual Charity Ball.

Kelly Anderson, Hand in Hand Family Support Worker

Kelly Anderson

Hand in Hand Family Support Worker

Email: kelly.anderson@blackpoolcarers.org

I work with parents who care for a child up to 25 years of age, due to disability and complex needs. I provide whole family support and deliver respite groups, training for parents and help to develop peer support for parents.

Kerry Dalton, Young Carers' Lead

Kerry Dalton

Young Carers' Lead

Email: kerry.dalton@blackpoolcarers.org

As Lead for the Young Carers Team, I ensure provision for the whole family around emotional, practical and social support. We help parents to access the right support and work together with the whole family to build on their relationships, providing time out for young carers and also family activities.

Louise Herd, Finance Officer

Louise Herd

Finance Officer

Email: louise.herd@blackpoolcarers.org

I play a key role in the smooth running of the organisation through the provision of accurate and timely financial information and reports for our Trustees.

Matt McMurdo, Compliance Officer

Matt McMurdo

Compliance Officer

Email: matt.mcmurdo@blackpoolcarers.org

I am responsible for data protection, specifically focusing on the GDPR laws arriving at the end of May. It is my job to ensure that we are moving towards complete compliance with the new laws and dealing with the data we hold on our database.

Michaela Goodridge, Young Adult Carers' Support Worker

Michaela Goodridge

Young Adult Carers' Support Worker

Email: michaela.goodridge@blackpoolcarers.org

I work with young adult carers and their families. I help by offering emotional and practical support to young adult carers. I deliver regular respite sessions for young adult carers giving them time out to be with peers, have fun and look towards their future.

Michelle Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Email: michelle.smith@blackpoolcarers.org

I lead a value driven, professional team with passion and a strong vision. Privileged to be working with inspiring individuals who keep me focused. Enjoying the opportunity to raise aspirations and ‘grow our own’ young people. I use my experience of financial management and fundraising to ensure that every penny is spent on improving the lives of carers.

Nigel McMurdo, Operations Director

Nigel McMurdo

Operations Director

Email: nigel.mcmurdo@blackpoolcarers.org

I manage the support staff, hold everything together, make sense of the chaos, develop others and help shape service provision.

Paige Cole, Adult Carers Mental Health Support Worker

Paige Cole

Adult Carers Mental Health Support Worker

Email: paige.cole@blackpoolcarers.org

My role is to support carers of people with a mental health illness. I provide one-to-one emotional and practical support for carers as well as being involved in group work and events. Assessing their needs and making referrals to other agencies as appropriate to try and create a better life for carers.

Samantha Kirkbride, Senior Respite Co-ordinator

Samantha Kirkbride

Senior Respite Co-ordinator

Email: samantha.kirkbride@blackpoolcarers.org

I co-ordinate the provision of regular respite activities and trips for young carers. Our focus is to help children to make positive memories, create friendships and have time to be a child.

Sophie Ball, Young Carers Family Support Worker and Connect 5 Trainer

Sophie Ball

Young Carers Family Support Worker and Connect 5 Trainer

Email: sophie.ball@blackpoolcarers.org

I support young carers and their families. I provide practical, social and emotional support to ensure a better life for each young carer.

Tara Bragg, Quality and Monitoring Officer

Tara Bragg

Quality and Monitoring Officer

Email: tara.bragg@blackpoolcarers.org

I work with all projects across the service to develop and maintain effective monitoring processes. This ensures we provide the best quality for everyone who accesses our service.

Terry Hodkinson, Head of Business Development and Fundraising

Terry Hodkinson

Head of Business Development and Fundraising

Email: terry.hodkinson@blackpoolcarers.org

My role is to develop links with local businesses. I work with businesses to strengthen relationships, support each other through corporate donations, help with our fundraising events and demonstrate the businesses Corporate Social Responsibility. We couldn’t do all that we do without local support. Our current fundraising focus is to develop an extension to Beaverbrooks House, which will enable us to provide much needed overnight respite accommodation for carers, families and children with disabilities and complex needs.

Tom McMurdo, Head of Governance and Income Generation

Tom McMurdo

Head of Governance and Income Generation

Email: tom.mcmurdo@blackpoolcarers.org

My role ultimately focuses on quality, working to: provide the best possible environment for our people, enabling them to provide outstanding support to carers; building and maintaining income streams, to help our projects grow, both in their reach and their impact; and ensuring the Carers Centre is governed effectively, as well as remaining compliant, accountable, and transparent, in an ever-changing environment.

Tracy Taylor, Footcare Technician

Tracy Taylor

Footcare Technician

Email: tracy.taylor@blackpoolcarers.org

I carry out dedicated and accessible foot care tailored to suit specific needs in the comfort of your own home. Treatments include a cleansing foot soak, nail trim and file and relaxing foot massage using moisture enriched creams.