Blackpool Tower to The Eiffel Tower on a bike!

They did it! The astonishing team of dedicated and slightly barmy supporters who took on the challenge of a lifetime, cycling 500 miles over 5 days from Blackpool Tower to The Eiffel Tower, arrived safe and sound but extremely weather beaten in Paris on Friday 27th September.

Ask any of them and they’d say they’re just ordinary folks….but don’t believe a word of it!! They are EXTRAORDINARY! Just take a look below as they cycle through the middle of Paris!

They have taken on gruelling training, taken time out of their family lives, put jobs on hold and given up so much to take on this mighty challenge to raise awareness and funds for those often forgotten heroes, CARERS. Carers who are young and juggling their education, carers who are giving up their careers, their dreams and putting the care of their loved ones at the centre of all that they do.

To date, this incredible group of people have raised and an unbelievable £63,500 and this amount is still rising.

We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous efforts. We hope you are as proud of yourselves as we are.

Thanks also to Chapeau Events for organising the event, looking after the team so well and keeping up moral…you’ve been amazing.

Here’s to the next challenge…after a few months of well deserved sleep and a few hot baths!

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