Our Team

Our dedicated team are here for you whenever you need support. 

You can contact each member of our team using our main office number 01253 393748, or by email, listed below.

Our Staff

Alan Phizacklea

Benefits Advisor | alan.phizacklea@blackpoolcarers.org

Alison Brown

Volunteer and Skills Bank Lead | alison.brown@blackpoolcarers.org

Amanda Farnham

Young Carers’ Family Support Worker | amanda.farnham@blackpoolcarers.org

Amanda Madden

Adult Carers’ Lead | amanda.madden@blackpoolcarers.org

Amy Williamson

Young Adult Carer (YAC) Development Worker | amy.williamson@blackpoolcarers.org

Andy Gunn

Time Out Team Lead | andrew.gunn@blackpoolcarers.org

Anna Jordan

Research and Partnership Worker | anna.jordan@blackpoolcarers.org

Carla Talbott

Mental Health Carers’ Support Worker | carla.talbott@blackpoolcarers.org

Danielle Galbraith

Young Carers’ Support Worker | danielle.galbraith@blackpoolcarers.org

Domonic Chadwick

Young Adult Carers’ Support Worker | dom.chadwick@blackpoolcarers.org

Debbie Miller

Carers’ Community Navigator | debbie.miller@blackpoolcarers.org

Emily Dowd

Resources Officer | emily.dowd@blackpoolcarers.org

Helena Brown

Dementia Awareness Trainer / Support Worker | helena.brown@blackpoolcarers.org

Jade Titford

Young Carers’ Family Support Worker | jade.titford@blackpoolcarers.org

Julie Taylor

Finance Officer | julie.taylor@blackpoolcarers.org

Kay Soper

Marketing and Design Officer | kay.soper@blackpoolcarers.org

Kenneth Dale

Carers’ Community Navigator | kenneth.dale@blackpoolcarers.org

Kerry Dalton

Young Carers’ Lead | kerry.dalton@blackpoolcarers.org

Louise Herd

Finance Lead | louise.herd@blackpoolcarers.org

Michael Tarpey

Carers’ Community Navigator | michael.tarpey@blackpoolcarers.org

Matt McMurdo

Finance and IT Officer | matt.mcmurdo@blackpoolcarers.org

Nigel McMurdo

Operations Director | nigel.mcmurdo@blackpoolcarers.org

Pat Sumner

Adult Respite Worker | pat.sumner@blackpoolcarers.org

Samantha Howard

Young Carers’ Family Support Worker | samantha.howard@blackpoolcarers.org

Suzanne McEachran

Respite Activities Support Worker | suzanne.mceachran@blackpoolcarers.org

Terry Hodkinson

Head of Business Development & Fundraising | terry.hodkinson@blackpoolcarers.org

Tom McMurdo

Resources Director | tom.mcmurdo@blackpoolcarers.org

Tracy Taylor

Footcare Practitioner | tracy.taylor@blackpoolcarers.org

Our Trustees

Alison Gilmore

Trustee | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Howard Lewis

Trustee | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

John Topping

Trustee | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Paul Jebb

Chair of Trustees | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Sarah Lambert

Vice-chair | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Sian Howarth

Trustee | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Tony Ward

Trustee | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Tracy Jackson

Trustee | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Our President

Professor Saul Becker

President | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Our Patrons

Clive Hirst

Patron | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Danielle Barnett

Patron | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

John Barnett MBE DL

Patron | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

Our Ambassador

Hayley Kay

Ambassador | admin@blackpoolcarers.org

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